Tribute to the beauty of every day.

We create signature clothes and accessories with the subtle beauty of every day. Fine pieces made from noble fabrics with authentic designs of walls and objects from around the world. Unfolding into stylish, meaningful collections with surprising aesthetics for madame and (sometimes) for monsieur who wants to stand out.

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Les nouvelles Jujus sont la!

'La Juju' - by many referred to as the cutest skirt in the world - is back. Discover nine designs in stunning colors, taken from surprising murals and objects from around the world.

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Creating beauty together

Talking Walls exist by the beauty that belongs to all of us as the designs on our clothes and accessories are captures of moments in places we live our everyday lives.

As one of the few labels in the world, we create our collections together with our community by collecting images we receive from our followers around the world. 

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Our 'uncut', everyday gems from around the world before they became a unique piece in one of our collections.

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