Every day we are surrounded by beauty.

The beautiful mural in the narrow alley just behind the corner, the precious painted flowers on a tin biscuit box, the hand-painted signs on the façade of Antonio’s ‘panneteria’.

Wonderful designs and their stories that we walk past every day but stop looking at, simply because they are always there. We think this beauty deserves to be rediscovered before it disappears due to the speed of our daily lives.

That is why we create unique clothes with the subtle beauty of every day. Fine pieces made from noble fabrics with authentic designs of walls and objects from around the world. Unfolding into stylish, meaningful collections with surprising aesthetics for madame (and sometimes) for monsieur who wants to stand out.

So you can escape the ordinary with the beauty of every day.

Scarf: Ava Flower Basket > buy it here

Talking Walls ava double face double face square scarf flower basket double