These pretty little fish swimming all around on the walls of Beirut, we’d like to address from three different points of view:



First, the history of making funny fish faces

Every single one of us has done it, and every single one of us is still very amused when someone does it. Yes indeed, the funny fish face. Suck your cheeks in, make your eyes pop, move your lips, there it is! Now you better start practicing peeps, because the duck face got too mainstream and so the fish face is totally making a comeback. 

Second, where to go for the best seafood in Beirut

We did a little research and found a top five list for best seafood in Beirut.
Go there or be square. 

  1. Babel bay, for luxury dining with Lebanese seafood 
  2. Osaka sushi lounge, Japanese seafood in style 
  3. Meat the fish, for healthy, Asian & Mediterranean seafood 
  4. Mhanna Sur Mer, for romantic dining 
  5. Al sultan Brahim, luxury dining downtown 

Third, about the history of Beirut aka only dead fish
go with the flow

In this country that has known a lot of political violence and economic struggle, you will find that its street art is often a flashback to their history and carries kind of a heavy weight. This art, often of high quality, shows it is done by people that care about the history of their country, and in a way it seems that this way they try to keep the memories of the past alive.