Intimes kino in Berlin

Intimes kino in Berlin

Berlin, Germany
GPS 52°30'46.4"N 13°27'30.2"E 



Fast facts

  • Beautiful stencil art and great quote on the wall of Intimes Kino
  • In business since 1909. One of the oldest and smallest movie theaters in Berlin, hence the name ‘Intimes Kino’
  • As if the intimate subject of the wall signs where especially chosen for a movie screened in the theater
  • Give it your own interpretation. It’s meaning will even get better and it’s probably what the author would have wanted


More about Berlin street art
The city of Berlin has a history of oppression and division, and street art has become a way for the everyday people to speak out. Ever since the early 70s both national and international artists have been coming to Berlin to paint a part of its ever changing landscape.

Berlin is named ‘city of design’ by UNESCO and that’s also very prominently reflected in the form of street art. A wide variety of different styles consisting of graffiti, paintings, cut outs, stick ups etc. Most street art is illegal, but as Berlin is the ‘city of design’, the local authorities happily tolerate this... Street art is a big industry in Berlin as it brings tourists and tourists bring money.

The Berlin street art scene began in the early 70s (as the west side of the city started rebuilding after the war) when freethinkers from West-Berlin started showing their discontent with the current political situation, not only in Germany but in the whole political world by painting in on the west side of the wall. By the end of the 70s true works of art emerged in the whole city and the ‘street art’-industry in Berlin was born.
After the wall fell, the artists playground became bigger as they started painting the streets of East-Berlin. West-Berlin artists were now joined by the eastern artists and together they took on areas like Berlin-Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain as Berlin began its journey to becoming the ‘street art-Mecca' that it is right now.

Today Berlin is a large, dynamic, open air gallery where art is mixed with history. Local but also international artists come to the city to display their work in one of the street art capitals of the world. Street art often gets drawn over or modified, but the most important works remain untouched as they have an important meaning - being a mirror of society) or the works are simply too staggering.

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