Bombay handreader

Bombay handreader

Mumbai, India
GPS 18°55'38.7"N 72°49'53.1"E 
(at the time of interview - has a mobile street practice)


Handy fast facts

  • In business since 1970.
  • Many chief ministers, lawyers and people in power benefited from Swami’s advice.
  • Mission: helping those in need of guidance.
  • Life’s motto: ‘You reap as you sow’.


About Swami, the hand reader

Swami is a Ayurvedic handreader and is operating in Mumbai since 1970. He’s originaly from Tanjore in South India and has studied astrology in Varanasi and Rishikesh.  Although he was invited by many monasteries and temples to join them he has always preferred to operate form the streets. ‘I gravitated toward settling down on the footpath with a view to helping people and serving those who are confused and astray and who are in need of guidance.’ is what he says. So his mission is to dedicate his special gifts to those who need it most but can’t afford it.
Next to his most important patients — the poor who needs guidance — he serves many international chief ministers, lawyers, doctors and people in power that all have benefitted from his advice. From India but also from London, Tokyo or Los Angeles. Some of them still call him by phone.
Swami had six children, two of them passed away. The others are doing well are educated and have a degree in commerce and accounting.
‘I get everything without having to ask for. I never purchase a ticket for public transportation. I lack nothing in life, and I am more than happy with my life of simplicity, my rituals and prayers. It is all because of the blessings of my goddess.’


The future is in your hands


Historians can’t agree on whether the origin of Palmistry is traced back to Arabia or to India. They do agree however on the fact that the “art of hand reading” originated well over three thousand years ago. In India, palmistry was referred to in the past as Samudrik Shastra, meaning 'ocean of knowledge' and it is considered a part of the esoteric wisdoms. 

In palm reading, it is considered that every line and mark on the hand has a story to tell… Palm reading is performed on both hands and whereas the hand that is used comparatively less will tell you the fate you are born with and your past, the predominant hand will show what you have managed to do with the cards you were dealt and your future. The basic and most important lines in palm reading are heart, head and lifelines. Palm reading also consists of shape and color of the hand with even fingers having their own story to tell. Example, if your index finger is long this might be a sign of you being an effective leader or if it is short you may be a laid back personality. 

Regardless of the debates on the authenticity and credibility of palmistry it is a fact that reading hands still manages to attract a great amount of interest from both believers and skeptics alike. Particularly in India it is big business with some claims that up to 26% of the Indian population visit a palmist on a regular basis.


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