The house with the talking walls


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On every corner, in every street around the world, be it on a wall, on a signboard, or on the sides of a hidden wooden shack, we see messages. Not only these messages that are intend to ‘message’ us something, but also those that are just beautiful, humoristic, interesting, worthwhile to look at.

Messages that were created on purpose or those created by nobody but by anarchy or by the test of time. Messages we pass by everyday without even noticing can be of such a spectacular beauty without even meant to be beautiful. 
The combination of the aesthetic, the story, the origin, the coincidence and eventually the purpose is what inspires us. Sometimes these walls they keep us awake, as they start to talk to share their stories. And then they make it onto a scarf.


Our scarfs are made by everyone.

Each design in our collections is spotted by curious minds and world travelers. Our collections celebrate all the people that went out on the road to capture the beautiful graphics and their little stories. It also celebrates the people anywhere in the world that opened up their hearts (and their front doors) to share a little bit of their stories.
If our Talking Walls can be a little spark towards more diversity and cultural openness, then next to be a comfortable and beautiful piece to wear, wearing a Talking Walls scarf is a powerful message. 



All Talking Walls scarves are crafted at an Indian textile atelier with whom our stylists built a strong partnership throughout the years. Each time again, with their knowledge about colors and fabrics and their endless dedication, these craftsmen bring out the highest standards we can possibly dream of.


Detail and storytelling.

We’ve come a long way to let you enjoy our noble piece of garment. Not alone because it’s a stylish display of an authentic story you can wear near your heart (mostly shoulders to be more specific) but also because it is crafted out of the purest fabrics available on the market.

The luxurious recycled cardboard scarf box.
That’s why we spared no effort in the proper protection for this piece of wearable art. Consequently each style comes with a custom made eco-friendly recycled but sturdy box in which your scarf is nicely enveloped in a stylish, soft silk paper, preventing it from any damage.
With this box, your scarf always has a safe haven. If not wearing it, we recommend to always store your scarf in this box, ensuring the longest possible lifetime of the product. After all, this box is made to contain a beautiful story.



The identity tag.
When something is real it has an identity. This is why every of our styles gets their ‘identity hang tag’ on which we put the little story behind the graphic on the scarf. And because each story is unique, we gave it a unique number. Why we do this? It just takes you one step closer to the story you wear. At the end, wearing a real story has more soul.


The embroidered W-mark and the flag

Each style has a very tiny, discrete embroidered W-mark, deriving from the word Walls in Talking Walls, referring to the wall graphics and their stories we find around the world and the big rectangular or square shaped forms of our scarves. 

On each of our styles we put a tiny ribbon-flag indicating the country of origin where the design is sourced. In our collections, we unite all this countries and their stories to one universal language. A language that is understood by everybody. A language that is spoken by the talking walls of the world.



Through a short video (if available) you will literally travel to the place where the design is sourced. The url is published on the hang tag. See more videos here >