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Double face, square shaped scarf, made of a soft, fluid silk/modal fabric. On each side an all-over, high-resolution printed, authentic visual.

- 140 cm x 140 cm
- 80% modal / 20% silk 
- dry clean recommended
- store untied, in a dry, dark place 
- hang tag with original picture and GPS code linking back to the origin of the design 
- packed in a luxury recycled cardboard box 

This beautiful drawing by the Egyptian born Jan Noah depicts a neatly dressed Geisha who’s enjoying her favourite music.
Found in Montpellier, France
N 43° 36’ 39.31” E 3° 52’ 38.03”

Curved is not straight, black is not white. In India everything is about organised chaos. And that even shows in this fantastic mural shot somewhere in India by Marie-Gon.

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