Talking who?



Small is beautiful

Real people, real local businesses, endless dedication.
Pay tribute to the craftsmanship and personality of typical shops around the globe. Connect their unique stories to your clothes and share authenticity.



A ‘Walldog’

is the nickname for the lesser-known American artists who were only ‘good enough’ to paint commercial signs on windows and walls in the early 1900’s in the United States. For sign painters around the world, small businesses serve as an inspiration for the beautiful typographic art. These artists defend true craftsmanship by painting their art on windows and walls. Now we continue their work on your clothes.



Detail and storytelling

In the conception of our styles we pay ultimate attention to detail and storytelling. After all, apart from being beautiful, this clothing product has a story to tell. 

Not just a hang tag
Our hang tags will give you more insights on the story that you wear. It includes a little word about the design and gives (if available) the exact GPS coördinates from where it is found.

Embroidered logo + country ribbon
Each design has an embroidered red W-logo as a token of our quality as well as a tiny ribbon-flag indicating the country of origin where the design is sourced.


Through a short video (if available) you will literally travel to the place where the design is sourced. The url is published on the hang tag.




All Talking wall scarves are crafted in an Indian textile atelier with whom our stylists built a strong partnership throughout the years. All styles are made of premium quality, soft and sustainable fabrics, manufactured with respect for environmental and working conditions.