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Circle midi-skirts, made of an exceptional soft, light and crispy cotton. 

High-end tailoring and finishing:
- English stitched seams
- hidden lateral pockets
- strong, flexible, elastic waistband
- bottom panels with lining for perfect circle shape
- back label with embroidered logo, original picture, story caption and GPS code linking back to the origin of the design

Size guide:
- one size fits all (small to large)
- skirt is 80 cm length by 75 cm wide
- height model is 176 cm

'In the little room at the end of the hallway there was a mahogany table. On it was a thin box with beautiful hand-painted flowers. Grandmother used to keep sweets in it. And if everything was good, she gave me some.'
A bouquet with fine white flowers hand painted on a tin cookie can, found somewhere in Belgium.

Shot by Trui Vermeire 

Original Image

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