Azuleo Pegasus

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 Anywhere in India 

A matchbox is a small box that hold matchsticks. Right? But dig a little more and you discover a bizarre range of miniature, illuminating, beautiful, enchanting, exotic and dramatic, functional masterpieces depicting racing horses, fluffy kittens, flowers, explosions and even horses with wings. 

Found by Asif Kureshi

Porto, Portugal 
41°09'23.5"N 8°40'47.3"W

Wonderful pattern of tiles (azulejo) on a wall in Porto. Azulejo is a form of Portuguese and Spanish painted tin-glazed ceramic tile work. Azulejos are found on the interior and exterior of churches, palaces, ordinary houses, schools, and nowadays, restaurants, bars and even railways or subway stations. (thanks to Wikipedia)

Picture by Philippe Pelsmaekers